Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Snowman is melting!

If Frosty's hat blows this way, I hope it's not too battered to serve as a boat! Three feet of snow which took about two weeks to accumulate has begun to melt, and I have a lake where my lawn used to be. A large white locomotive with muddy paws is playing fetch with one of Frosty's arms, and the snowman left a puddle where he was standing last week. Do you think the dog scared him, or is he just chasing his hat on one of the other designers blogs?!

This week at That's Scrap Inc, Ivy Hollow Scrap Fusion Adhesives are on sale for 30% off. The sale runs from January 11th through to the 17th, and the discount code is 'JanSale' at checkout. Ivy Hollow Scrap Fusion is a PERMANENT acid-free adhesive which dries crystal clear, stays flexible, will not warp, wrinkle or cause bleeding. It's perfect for gluing virtually anything to paper. If we used a little of this stuff on Frosty's hat, it wouldn't be blowing all over the neighborhood!


Esther said...

I posted an award for you on my blog http:estherscreativedesigns.blogspot.com/ - stop by to grab it. I love your work!!!!! thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love your theme about the snow. I am n SC so we don't get that. O but I don't miss it.
I am from Cleveland Ohio originally. Right off Lake Erie. So I know the comforts of snow. Yah-right.

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