Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You're not lost, are you?!

WOW! I didn't think anyone read my blog. *grin* I was under the impression that people arrived here by accident, floundered around in search of an exit, and eventually found their way to wherever they actually meant to go in the first place. I even considered putting up confusing road signs to keep them hanging around a little longer: Turn left right here. You are in Kansas, but your red shoes may be gnawed by my half-wit dog if you click the heels together. Just stay still...DON'T MOVE! NO clicking allowed! (Well...okay. Unless you're looking for the snowman's hat.) I received this Kreativ Blogger Award from Esther at http://estherscreativedesigns.blogspot.com/ ! Thanks Esther!
I'm supposed to list 7 of my favorite things, but I've decided that there's an easier way to see what happens when people arrive here.... We shall SEE if you're paying attention! HA! I've taken a few liberties with the Favorite Things list. Leave your response in a comment and I'll save you the trouble of looking for my file. (NO, not the snowman file. The free one that's always hiding here!) The visitor with the highest total in points will have to cough up their mailing address. I'm insanely amused by surprises, so you'll have to torment me in order to get me to tell you what I'm prepared to send.

1. Guess what my favorite past time is? (3 points)
2. Do you know the name of my son? (5 points)
3. Do you know the name of my dog? (3 points) Read previous posts for the answer: (5 more points)
4. The last book I read was by Christopher Moore. Guess what it was? (3 points) What's YOUR favorite author? (3 more points)
5. Hermafix dots or Xyron for me. What adhesive do YOU use? (3 points)
6. Can you identify this quote? "Maybe just once some one will call me 'sir' without adding You're making a scene." (3 points)
7. Spend time doing something totally irreverent? My secret vice: http://notalwaysright.com/ (3 points) Add a quote to the site and provide the link back in your reply (10 points)
8. BONUS: leave a comment on any of the blogs I've linked below. Yes, I WILL check! (3 points each.)

Now I'm to list 7 blogs I think should get this award. ONLY seven?! *sigh*
1. http://donnasdelightfuldesigns.blogspot.com/ (She says I'm brilliant. :) She's on my Christmas list.)
2. http://visualdesignsbychris.blogspot.com/
3. http://www.cheekymagpie.com/ (TOO talented Cricut fiend!)
4. http://www.duckysdesigns.com/
5. http://4lulubelle.blogspot.com/
6. http://inkysmiles.blogspot.com/
7. http://all-that-is-scrap.blogspot.com/

I've sent them the Kreative Blogger Award...these are just a few of the sites I enjoy visiting...Thanks for all the Creative blogs!


mE said...

Hi Charlene!

Thank you for the award! :)

I am surfing around your site, checking out your fabulous stuff! I am giggling at the Ham in a Hammock right now :) LOVE IT!

Inky Smiles!


Donna said...

Thank you so much, Char! I'm going to figure out what I need to do now... lol


Donna said...

Oh, I forgot to answer your questions:

1. Answering KNK support calls? lol
2. Mason
3. Cashmere
4. Maeve Binchy
5. Ivy Hollow and Xyron
6. lol no
7. will do

:o) Donna

Luanna said...

1. Your favorite past time is... After 10pm which is past time for your son to be in bed, so you can call me.
2. Your sons name is... Slow Down, or as you affectionately call him.. My Son (with a southern drawl it could sound like that..try it)
3. Your dog's name is ...Dang Dog
4. The last book you read wasnt by Christopher Moore, but by Luanna Eakin, or didnt you forget that lengthy email I sent ya? My favorite author is of course you... when you return my emails. (Brownie points!)
5. Your favorite glue is Xyron but you'll use anything that holds down those intricate pieces you are a fan of. My favorite glue is whatevers on sale.
6. That famous quote is from me... when my hubby and I went out to dinner last week.
7. Your secret vice? Oh thats easy.. you like quotes/quips/quims and other little stories. Sorry I'm not going to add a quote because when I get quoted I always get in trouble. Dont need proof of that!
8. I'm leaving a quote on blog number 3 because I just love cheeky magpies!!

Myraine said...

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Anna said...

complete guesses here :)
1. Hmmm Playing with son? or scrap-booking?? LOL
2. Baby? or son who loves critters?
3. Bad Dog aka crazy dog, sock monster dog
4. Lamb?? VC Andrews
5. Xyron? I use that big gun (Can't remember the name :O )
6. Homer Simpson
7. ??
8. Check Donna's great cutter cover...Oh maybe since you love games should have made you searched ;o) LOL
Thanks for your files. I enjoyed finding 2. Was that it?? LOL

Anonymous said...

You have some really neat things on your blog. This is my first time here.

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