Thursday, October 9, 2008

That's Scrap Inc Forum - Free File of the Month - This months' free file is CREEEEEPY!

That's Scrap Inc Forum - Free File of the Month - October's free file is CREEEEEPY!
If you celebrate creepy things around this time of year...this could be a good reason to scurry up to the new forum, create a profile and log in so you can decide "If the Broom Fits!". Ducky's adorable tongue-in-cheek Halloween file is lurking with Linda's corner bookmark files in KNK and GSD formats: click the link above to check the preview accompanying each file. (You'll need to register to the forum to download.)
****NOTE**** Seasonal files are made free for a limited time. If these files appeal and are no longer available free, you can still purchase online at


witchdct said...

Ok, I just had to find somewhere to say it..Anderson Cooper is a doll..LOL

Kendra said...

Oh wow! You updated! I gave up on you and stopped checking long ago. Good to see you back.

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