Friday, June 12, 2009

Buy One Get One Free Cutter Files at Thats Scrap Inc.

The buy one get one (BOGO for text fingers!) free cutter file sale at That's Scrap Inc runs from June 6th-16th, which means there are 4 days left to loot!

I'm still trying to finish a few more files before the sale ends, but my most recent project was a resurrected layout featuring "Beach Babes". It landed in time to enjoy the sunshine and a new pool that I dragged home and filled with water and chlorine last week: It's been BLAZING hot here, and although I don't have a palm tree to lounge under...the climbing rose and a Hawthorn tree have been great substitutes!

If you're interested in the BOGO sale, for every cutter file purchased from ONE designer, you can receive a second file of equal or lesser value free from the SAME designer. Just email your invoice to the participating design team member and let them know which file(s) you'd like to receive free, and they'll be emailed to you. (There's a direct link to each designer's mailbox at the top of their files section. You can find my cutting files lurking under the ID "Scrapbookcircus" at That's Scrap Inc.)

Buy-One-Get-One Free files are NOT be interchangeable between designers---if you purchase one file each from three different designers, you'll need to forward your purchase receipt to three separate designers to request a free file of equal or lesser value from each designer.

A lack of posts here usually means that I'm playing with files instead, so if you keep an eye on the files area...I'm hoping to beat the deadline on the 16th and have another file or two lurking. *grin*
Happy shopping!
XO Char


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