Monday, March 2, 2009

Living the Example!

73 and still able to burn can't help but love an example who won't let life pass by---not only "Living the Life", but giving it a good run with everything he's got! Ron and his dog Kili have entered a contest sponsored by the Bayshore Apartments where he lives---residents made a short video of why they like to live at the apartment complex, and the grand prize is a year of free rent. I found myself thinking about this video after I'd finished watching, and I really hope they win. Not just because I genuinely felt inspired watching, and not just because I value independence and spirit, but because he's clearly making the most of life (and he wouldn't have room for all of those pictures in just ANY home! I'm sure he comes from a long line of scrapbookers!) Watch the video to cast a vote---you'll consider it time well spent!

Ron and Kili....These 2 links will take you directly to the poll site to cast a vote. They aren't there yet, but they're in the top 2!! Your vote could make a difference!


TawanaB said...

I'm so glad you shared this. What a wonderful video. I loved watching Kili help him with his laundry. Gives me hope for myself not to many years from now :)

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