Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I think the snowman got his hat back...

The snowman must have found his hat by now! If he hasn't...wellll....I think we should be checking Cupid's luggage. That little angel can't be as innocent as everyone THINKS, because all I ever see is pictures of Cupid flitting around shooting people with a bow and arrow! That's not exactly what I would describe as behavior demonstrating a social conscience, is it?! Soooo....if you've been chasing a hatless snowman around here, keep an eye peeled for the little winged menace that might be lurking instead. You probably won't want to be jabbed with an arrow if the medical attention later involves the distribution of chocolate instead of bandaids!
(Well...on the other hand...I would probably accept the chocolate and decline antibiotics. HMM. Maybe I'm on to something here?!)


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