Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Santa Finally Delivers!

There was NO way to buy this critter in Canada. They were supposed to be available at Sears, Toys R Us and Costco, but everywhere I went....the stores knew what I was talking about, but had never received a shipment. Apparently D REX sold out in the US long before the holiday, and never crossed the Canadian border. It was the one thing that my son seemed quite rabid about this year, but we just couldn't cough up. Santa delivered a 3ft roaring remote-control "Spike" dinosaur instead, and left the note above. After reading it, our son declared: "That sounds like Santa made it up. It's a story, or Santa made up a big fat lie!" While I was trying not to ruin the moment by succumbing to laughter, he added: "But that's okay...I like the other dinosaur!"

We decided that we would attempt to deliver the creature for his birthday instead...if it could be acquired. Since this special occasion arrives only a few weeks after Christmas, I knew I wouldn't have much time to resurrect the dinosaur from Toyland extinction. I've been hunting for it without much success for WEEKS! Today I discovered D Rex online in one of the VERY few places he'd hidden to escape capture and I purchased the beast. My son practically did a headstand with excitement, while I have been doing my best to avoid thinking about having my head examined: The dinosaur was almost U$160 shipped. This is quite a bit more than I would normally consider a reasonable amount to spend on an 8-year-old birthday gift. I still remember being quite content with a $10 Superstar Barbie around this age, and I'm pretty sure that the dog is going to end up even more traumatized by the purchase than my wallet. (You can probably still smell it burning.)

As usual...there's a scrapbook page lurking in my imagination in reference to the subject, and the more I think about it...I'm finding myself a little more enthusiastic about the whole thing. I'll give you three guesses what's going to be on it. If you waste the first two guesses on photos and adhesive...we're BOTH going to need therapy!


Kendra said...

Ah the dinosaur days! Caelan lived and breathed dinosaurs for a few years. Will's interests lie in other imaginary-violent-death toys. For him, everything has potential as a weapon.

Glad you found the toy of M's dreams!

Cindy said...

My grandson got this dinosaur for his birthday in November and he loves it, too! It was $150 here in the US, too...at Walmart.

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