Thursday, December 18, 2008

Video Tutorials, Editing and Design in KNK Studio

I've been working a little with video tutorials, and uploaded a few on youtube. I found that the quality of the video suffers if you're not able to view fullscreen, so the information will be more useful to those who download instead. The full downloadable list of tutorials is available at in the TSI You Classes section, and includes both Pazzles and Klic-N-Kut tutorials in video and PDF formats.

This week, the arrival of the new 13" KNK Groove was announced early! This machine is the smaller sibling to the 15" KNK MAXX. It represents an affordable alternative to the larger machine, and although it does not feature a laser guide for Print and Cut projects (as the MAXX does), the 800grams of force and 13" feed will be MORE than enough mechanical jaw to chew most of the media that the average scrapbooker will consider feeding to it. I still have the early model 13" KNK, and the newer 15" MAXX. If the new 13" Groove is really just a scaled-down MAXX, you'll be amazed to find it in the $560 price range. These machines are FAST; they cut, emboss, engrave and "pounce" (dashed line) on everything from paper to chipboard, balsa wood, craft foam and soft metals (dogtags, trophy plates, etc)...and this is a price that will be hard to resist or beat. Check out the specs on the 13" knk here, and then ask Mr. Claus if one of these things could find their way under the tree. *grin*


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