Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Waiting for the light

What are we waiting for...?!
They arrived alone and in pairs, some whispering, some frowning: smiling and staring, in groups heralded by shrill voices and muted laughter. Others moved deliberately and in silence, cloaked in the anonymity of the mass migration. They circled like moths, hovering eliptically under the dim radius of the beacon, transfixed by its unblinking glow. Mesmerized, they pressed and milled together, sighing with impatience, focussing with hypnotic expectance on the promise of the light. Drawn like steel filings to the charged post of a magnet, they formed a compass beneath the sphere and waited...waited. Bags rustled. Fabric whispered. Feet shuffled. The murmured syncophany of voices rose and fell, a narcotic monotony of unidentifiable words and sentences. Nothing mattered: they were sheep, huddled together, drifting aimlessly, waiting...waiting for the light. Hypnotized by their collective purpose, they stared without really seeing, eyes glancing from object to individual without absorbing detail. Contact was limited to rare, uncomfortable and fleeting passes of vacant eyes, precluding personal connection. Still they waited...waited. More sheep reluctantly joined the flock and lifted their eyes helplessly to the beacon. Their eyes glassed into reflections of the fixed, vacuous stares of those surrounding. And they waited...waited. Transfixed with mindless anticipation, they waited, eyes lifted, entranced by the suspense of the moment. The light would beckon....

(have you guessed yet...?!)

...until the elevator arrived!


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